Literature organized according to the original language, multilingual non-fiction literature sections, specialized section on history of reading, and sections dedicated to specific authors.


The library of the Espaço Atlântida is being built upon the personal library of Alberto Manguel; the original donation of 40,000 books is being further developed through an acquisition programme focused around the history of books and reading.

Collections will be accessible to users for browsing and research, and support exhibitions, publications, programming and other resources. As a special collections library, items will be for in-house use only. Reader services and policies are in progress for the opening.

The organization system reveals a key element of the Espaço Atlântida collections and reflects, in several aspects, Alberto Manguel’s orientation: literature grouped according to the original language; multilingual non-fiction literature sections; specialized section on history of reading; and sections dedicated to specific authors.

Work on the catalogue and library organisation is currently underway. Under the guidance of Conceição Santos and Jillian Tomm, a team of technicians are creating a vast reference tool for future readers of the Espaço Atlântida. Online access to the catalogue will be available through the BLX Lisboa municipal library catalogue once Espaço Atlântida opens its doors.


Acquisitions and Donations

Espaço Atlântida has an acquisitions and donations policy in line with the mission and objectives of the Centre. The acquisitions profile is oriented around the history of books and reading. In addition to works dedicated to that subject, the library selectively acquires:

  • creative literature from around the world;
  • special editions and items that serve as sources and examples for the study of history of the book and reading;
  • works of non-fiction in areas fundamentally linked to the history of ideas and creative expression, principally in the arts and humanities.

The library does not acquire at a comprehensive academic level.

Donations must fulfil the same guidelines as other acquisitions and be agreed upon between potential donors and Espaço Atlântida. We will soon make available the forms and rules of our donation policy. For more information, please contact us by email.